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Darren Vancil

Darren is the mastermind behind Creature Craft’s radical design. When he suffered an injury after a Class 5 swim Darren was determined to design a boat that would keep the chances of a swim minimal to none.  While in recovery he spend thousands of hours in research, he designed and tested multiple raft concepts.  During Darren's travels with his Creature Craft he has met a variety of experienced boaters over the years that has become an adventurous group of individuals, testing the capabilities of the Creature Craft.  Darren is always wanting to put new people in his boats, he quotes "I just like to see them smile".  If you are interested in a demo please contact him at

George Nuckols

George is located in the northern part of California and has worked guiding, SAR/dive rescue teams and is an instructor for Creature Craft.  He enjoys Creature Crafts group trips that are open to the public, with rescue professionals and private Creature Craft owners.  He is always willing to do a demonstration days event, George says "It's a great way to show people how the boats work, so just request one". "Recreation or rescue, know the risk, know your equipment well, stay safe and have fun."


Anthony Marini

Ambassador for Creature Craft;  Tony is an adventurous bible believing Christian from Pennsylvania.  In 2009 he started getting into whitewater kayaking. Through a mutual friend he met Darren in 2011 and was invited on the Payette trip. He was very impressed with the rolling abilities of the Creature Craft and the added safety in big whitewater.  He has ran the Creature Craft over multiple waterfalls as high as 65' and is excited to explore future possibilities of the craft.


Kristi Price

Kristi is a Colorado native.  The love for the outdoors, travel, photography and videography has been a great fit for her with Creature Craft.  Having never been in whitewater prior to meeting Darren she currently rides backseat in the crafts. Her biggest run to date is The Upper Gauley on September 28 2018, the level was 24,500 cfs.  Kristi assists Darren on their travels, building boats and office work.  You will often find her behind a camera or working booths at different festivals and events.  If you have questions or want to book a demo please contact her at


Danny Allen 

aka Shaggy

River Guru, Testing & Training in the Southeast. Shaggy has been a Class 5+ and OC1 boater since 1984. He has been trained in tactical swift water rescue and is a true bear wrangler. Shaggy has a great knowledge of Creature Crafts, as he has been running them since 2000.  He loves anything that goes big or fast. "Basically I am just a World Class Nobody." If you’ve been boating in the Southeast long, you'll likely know Shaggy.


Clay Carroll

Clay is an old school safety boater in West Virginia. He is a core member of Creature Craft's Waterwog Rescue series demonstration team that travels across the US. Clay is fun loving individual that would go out of his way to help you any way he can, especially getting you into a Creature Craft. With that being said, Clay has played an instrumental part in the West Virginia Creature Craft Coalition and the development of the Creature Craft adaptive ‘Handi-Craft’ platform.   July 21, 1977 - September 22, 2018 RIP!/Obituary


Brandon Steele

Brandon has been a guide on many rivers throughout the US including the Skykomish, Wenatchee, Methow, Green (WA), Colorado, American, New, Gauley and many more beautiful rivers.  Brandon is a talented trainer and a great asset to the Creature Craft team. He is SRTA & ACA Certified Commercial Guide; Sales & Training WA. Brandon quotes "A ride in Creature Craft - “It’s sort of like being in a car accident only you get to do it again right away.”



Isaac Guest

Isaac (Aka Sharkboy) is originally from Painesville Ohio, but currently he resides in Grand Junction Colorado where he works as a welder for All Metals Welding and Fabrication Company.  Isaac met Darren while doing work on a boat prop and a fast friendship was made.  Isaac immerses himself in every possible aspect of Creature Craft he can.  He is level headed and always has a cheerful spirit with a talent for kayaking, construction, demonstration and sales. He was the first to descend Pierce Ferry rapids in November 2018 in a Creature Craft.  Isaac is excited to be a part of Team Creature Craft and is ready for his next adventure. 


Dallas Abadie

Originally from England, Dallas moved to the states as an infant.  He originates where the water and work leads him, but mostly Nashville, TN. Dallas enjoys running the big water and testing the Creature Crafts durability while taking it to extreme levels in a safe manner.  He successfully ran Elk River Falls, a 60 foot waterfall in North Carolina on December 29, 2018.


Jon George

A native West Virginian, a husband and father, and a welder by trade. Always a private boater, Jon came up in the private sector. He enjoyed Whitewater so much he started buying boats and trying anything he could paddle or swim. He is proud to have the treasures of the New, Gauley, Cheat, and Tygart rivers in his backyard. Jon found that in his Creature Craft the imagination is the limit. The bigger the level the better! “I'm just going to hit this and see what happens.” He is a Creature Craft Coalition WV Guide.

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Daniel Coe

'Whitewater Guide, Dan serves as a Trip Leader for the Creature Craft Coalition of WV, for HIGH water trips on the New, Gauley, Cheat, and Tygart rivers. When not running High water trips Dan spends quality time with his family and runs his own business, Coe Electric.


Eric Thompson

Eric is an avid adventurer.  He is an experienced adventure sports instructor & facilitator whose resume includes senior full-time commercial guide & trainer. Sustaining a spinal cord injury, Eric has worked tirelessly to improve Community Accessibility & promote Accessible Adventure throughout the West Virginia region with his project and to progress the future of Adaptive Whitewater with the Creature Craft adaptive ‘Handi-Craft’ platform.


Jon Bernhard

Jon joins Creature Craft from a long history of technical climbing & mountaineering. Jon brings skills of high angle rigging for Creature Craft waterfall safety and filming. 

For over 30+ years, Jon has traveled across the globe seeking adventure, from major expeditions in Alaska, ascents up El Capitan in Yosemite, to charitable work in the Amazon he enjoys friendships wherever is goes.  Of interest, Jon only has half his breathing capacity. Yet on most days he can hang with some top level athletes.