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Toys for Big Boys

You can find Creature Craft listed on  This high-end site offers one-of-a-kind luxury items to discerning customers. The website lists dozens of distinctive products for sale, including everything from high-performance cars and yachts to drones, electric surfboards and unique sculptures. Each listing includes a brief description of the product and several dramatic photos that highlight the best features.  Listings on the new Toys for Big Boys website are upscale “toys” produced for the most discriminating consumers. Many items the site displays are custom products, completed by bespoke companies that only build the final product when customers place their orders.  The company differentiates itself as the leading classified site online. Each product listing has an overview of what you could possibly have very soon in your hands


All American Makers

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WFYI Productions – Over Under Gone: The Killer in our Rivers

There’s a killer in our streams and rivers. It hides within the falling waters on the downstream side of a dam.  Thousands of these “low head” dams are scattered across our country, and while the name implies low hazard/low impact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Low Head Dams have a quiet, inviting, picture postcard quality about them. But the water going over these dams can rise and erupt into a violent, Jekyll-Hyde death trap.  In this new WFYI documentary, we feel the attraction to these killer dams. We explore the efforts to mitigate their threat, and we become better equipped to keep ourselves out of danger.
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Blawnox Volunteer Fire Company  Station 111

"Our quick deployment watercraft are two Seadoo Wake jet skies, an inflatable Avon boat and a Creature Craft. The Creature Craft is an inflatable Rescue Boat for Low Head Dam Rescue"....
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Saskatoon Fire Department

Saskatoon Fire Department using new Creature Craft rescue boat. 

Inflatable boat originally designed for navigating rapids


Fox 32 News,  Sept 3, 2017

WILMINGTON DAM, Illinois (Fox 32 News) - Rescue crews in suburban Chicago have a new tool to help people trapped in dangerous water.


Creature Craft: Making extreme whitewater rapids ... safe?


By: Zach Urness, Statesman Journal

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The Daily Sentinel, July 17, 2016

Creature Comfort   'Different' water craft is gaining acceptance' 

By Jon Mitchell

"Even I'll admit that they look a little bit like a bouncy house," the 51-year-old Grand Junction man said. "So to see them for the first time you'd probably have some doubts about what they can do. But to find out for sure, you'd have to experience it for yourself."


Idaho County Free Press, June 7 2016

"Putting on a Show"

By Andrew Ottoson

A motorized version of a CreatureCraft Waterwog was seen tumbling through the rapids near Lake Creek Bridge on the Salmon River east of.... 

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The Star Phoenix,  August 6, 2015

Unflippable boat invites repeated weir crossings.  Among my worst Saskatoon specific nightmares is falling into the river and going over the weir.



WIBW,  June 10, 2015

See How Firefighters Fight Raging Waters

By Ariana Cohen

When heavy rains spark flash floods, water rescue teams launch into action.  What may look like a white water rafting adventure is actually a swift water rescue training exercise for Topeka firefighters.


KJCT 11 News, June 4, 2014 

Extreme whitewater rafting possible with locally made Creature Craft

By Krystle Sonmore | 

Local entrepreneur Darren Vancil loved whitewater rafting, but when a shoulder injury took hold of him over 15 years ago, he had to think of a new way to get on the rough waters. That's when he invented the Creature Craft.