Why Does it have Tops?

They help to prevent capsizing and assist the boat in righting. They create a roll cage that protects the operator(s).  It’s a self-righting system with a secure lap belt that allows users to remain protected inside the boat even when it rolls over.


What is the Boat Made of?

The boat is made from STS Process PVC fabric with an epoxy urethane protective coating.


How is it built?

Boats are custom built at the Creature Craft facility in Grand Junction, CO, through a combination of welding, gluing and urethane coating. Each boat is hand made in the US by the Creature Craft team.


How Heavy is it?

Without equipment weigh of the boats run between 155 – 285 lbs, depending on the model you purchase.


What Holds People in the Boat?

A 4″ wide industiral velcro thigh strap attached to the frame.  It is secure but also allows for a quick exit.


Can I get Custom Colors & Logos?

Yes. Customers can choose two colors from our available color schemes. We cannot pantone match, but have a wide variety of colors to choose from.  We can also add company logo and personal design - just call or email for a quote.


What professionals use the WATERWOG?

The rescue inflatables built by Creature Craft have many different applications from Low Head Dam rescue to whitewater safety boat.  Below are some links to articles written about teams that have Creature Craft rescue boats and training to operate in extreme environments.