How It Works

What makes Creature Craft Special

Creature Craft was born from the desire to run big powerful whitewater.  Although the inherent risk is always there, Darren wanted to diminish the risk involved.  Let’s keep in mind what being on the water all about, fun.  The challenges presented in whitewater are unique, yet transfer into our civilized lives in so many ways.  Paddling or rowing a Creature Craft provides the ability to achieve whitewater pinnacles that were thought to be un-runnable.  In some instances, the Creature Craft is the only way you can even consider putting on the water.   If you’re just getting started or are an experienced river runner, the Creature Craft introduces a whole new style of running rivers.  Big continuous whitewater abundant with hydraulics, steep drops, and gigantic waves become incredible playgrounds.  The general idea remains the same.  Go out, have fun, stay safe, and learn by challenging yourself in the process.

Experienced river runners know how fun and nerve wracking certain rapids are by nature.  Creature Crafts help to calm some of those nerves because unintentional swims are rare.  So after the past decade of running some of the world’s most extreme rivers the Creature Craft Crew have even developed some tricks.  “Doing tricks” is certainly possible in a Creature Craft.  Back-flips, barrel rolls, endos, pirouettes, and huge life changing surfs are all waiting just downstream!


Self Righting System

Traditionally, with whitewater rafting, flipping guarantees a swim for the crew, exposing them to the elements and potential injury. 

The key trait of all Creature Crafts is, with proper technique, they can be rolled back to an upright position while remaining seated in the boat.


Patented Inflatable Roll Cage

In a Creature Craft, the potential for a swim is greatly reduced as the paddler/oarsman rides in a seat with a lapbelt. The roll cage design provides a protective enclosure even when upside-down.  The roll concept is similar to that of a whitewater kayak.  If the boat capsizes, there is the possibility to perform a roll while remaining inside the boat, often continuing down the river barely missing a beat.


Designed for Commercial And Private Use

“Low Head Dam” operations are traditionally one of the most dangerous environments a swimmer, boater, or rescuer can face.  With the use of a Rescue Craft, the catastrophic possibility of putting a rescuer into perfect terminal hydraulic is mitigated.  This creates an effective safe alternative to putting rafts or other water craft into a low head dam.


Quick Release Seat

Every seat has a quick release system which allows a paddler to quickly unstrap if necessary. Nevertheless, like with whitewater kayaks, it is usually to the paddler’s advantage to remain inside the boat and roll it as soon as possible.