It all started when...

Creature Craft Owner/Creator, Darren Vancil was inspired by watching a documentary of Russian whitewater enthusiasts navigating Siberian Rivers in hand built rafts called “Bublik”.  However, the agile and simple boat appeared to have steering difficulties that could be improved upon.  Combining the Bublik with a cataraft, Darren started to yield interesting results his experiments lead to a patented self-righting raft design, christened Creature Craft.

The Creature Craft stands out because they radically change the entire whitewater experience. The structural integrity of the Creature Crafts multiple chambers remains firm in its form, and does not crush or wrap.  The patented thigh-strap system also greatly reduces the risk of a swim and the self-righting abilities of the boat completely change the consequences of a flip.  The paddle team or oars person can easily roll the craft right side up and continue on their journey.

Creature Craft was born from the desire to run big powerful whitewater.  Although the inherent risk is always there, Darren wanted to diminish the risk involved.  Let’s keep in mind what being on the water all about, fun.  The challenges presented in whitewater are unique, yet transfer into our civilized lives in so many ways.  Paddling or rowing a Creature Craft provides the ability to achieve whitewater pinnacles that were thought to be un-runnable.  In some instances, the Creature Craft is the only way you can even consider putting on the water.   If you’re just getting started or are an experienced river runner, the Creature Craft introduces a whole new style of running rivers.  Big continuous whitewater abundant with hydraulics, steep drops, and gigantic waves become incredible playgrounds.  The general idea remains the same.  Go out, have fun, stay safe, and learn by challenging yourself in the process.

Experienced river runners know how fun and nerve wracking certain rapids are by nature.  Creature Crafts help to calm some of those nerves because unintentional swims are rare.  So after the past decade of running some of the world’s most extreme rivers the Creature Craft Crew have even developed some tricks.  “Doing tricks” is certainly possible in a Creature Craft.  Back-flips, barrel rolls, endos, pirouettes, and huge life changing surfs are all waiting just downstream!

Another wonderful thing about the Creature Craft, they accelerate the learning curve of rapid running by keeping you in the raft.  After learning basic boat control, the fun is about to begin with fewer swims to worry about.