G4 Agua Mala - Non motorized

G4 Agua Mala - Non motorized


The Generation 4 series was specifically designed to run huge hydraulics; it is our ultimate big water boat. These boats are at their best in monster whitewater where stability and fast re-righting are crucial. This model is a favorite as a big water oar frame.

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  • Length: 14′ 6″

  • Width: 82″

  • Height: 89.5″

  • Weight 175 lbs

  • Base fabric 1100 denier 31 oz

  • 10 air chambers

Additional Information:

  • 2 year warranty on workmanship and materials

  • Full Encapsulated Urethane

  • Boat bag to protect your craft in transit

  • 4 rigid carry handles

  • Leafield C7 valves

  • Self-bailing floor

Optional equipment:

  • Oar Frame

  • Oars

  • Paddle seats

  • Paddles.

  • Adjustable oar frame foot-bar

  • Passenger seat frame

  • Custom Color/Logo

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