Waterwog 1

Waterwog 1


This is our original Low Head Dam rescue raft. It is based on the G-2 Creature Craft which gives it the rectangular shape. It is lightweight; with all necessary equipment, it weighs 190 pounds – easily carried by 4 rescuers. This makes it ideal for rural or hard to reach Low Head Dams. Comes with an open access self-bailing floor which allows victims to be rescued through the openings at the front and back of the floors, which also makes it an excellent dive platform. The Type 1 has an extremely low draft, can be operated in 6″ of water, making it very useful in floods. It has primarily been used with oars, but and can be used with small outboards.

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Package includes:

  • Open access self-bailing floor

  • Oar Frame Package (includes frame and 3 composite oars)

  • Sea Anchor

  • 2 Rescue Tethers

  • 2 Throw bags

  • 8 Handles

  • Inflation pump

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Perimeter Line

  • Full Wrap Epoxy Urethane

  • Department name

  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Optional equipment:

  • Transom Mount

  • Paddle Seats / paddles

  • Custom Color / Logo

  • 3 Day on-site training

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